MONTE VISTA, Colo. - The Rio Grande National Forest invites public input on the Proposed Action for the forest plan revision. The Proposed Action is the first step in the formal plan development stage of the revision process.
“The Proposed Action is a product of the Need to Change documents presented to the public in March and July of 2016,” said Rio Grande National Forest Planner Erin Minks. “It provides a strategic vision for future management of the forest as well as specific needs for change from the 1996 Forest Plan due to changing environmental and social conditions, technology and laws.”
The Proposed Action is not a proposed plan; the public will help develop the proposed plan through input on the Proposed Action. Public input will also help identify issues and develop alternatives to the proposed plan that will be analyzed in the draft environmental impact statement.
The Rio Grande National Forest Revised Forest Plan will provide overarching guidance for managing the national forest for the next 10-15 years. The Forest Plan does not identify specific projects, but all management actions that occur on the Forest tier to the forest plan.
Comments on the Proposed Action are most useful if received within 45 days following the publication in the Federal Register of the Notice of Intent to initiate the Rio Grande National Forest Plan Revision Environmental Impact Statement (expected publication on September 12, 2016). Written comments may be mailed to Rio Grande National Forest, ATTN: Forest Plan Revision, 1803 US Highway 160, Monte Vista, CO 81144; emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or send by facsimile to 719-852-6250.
To view the Proposed Action or learn more about the forest plan revision process, visit the Rio Grande National Forest website at or call Erin Minks, Forest Planner at 719-852-6215.

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