Buying History - a Resource for Historic Property Owners - Released

LAKE CITY, COLO., (June 30, 2017) – The Lake City DIRT board is pleased to re-release Buying History, a guide for historic property owners and prospective property owners in Hinsdale County.  Buying History includes sections on the historic guidelines of our community, economic benefits, tax credits, preservation easements and other incentives, and specific resources.

Originally funded through a Hart Family Fund for Small Towns grant, this latest version is funded in part by a Certified Local Government grant with History Colorado and the National Park Service.  This document is available under Publications at or a limited supply of hard copies can be found at Hall Realty, Royal Elk Realty, Team Murphy Realty, Hinsdale Title Company, or the Town of Lake City’s office.  

Lake City DIRT is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to preserving and enhancing Lake City’s historic and commercial district.