MONTE VISTA, Colo., January 12, 2018 – Firewood permits for the 2018 calendar year are now available at all Rio Grande National Forest offices. The price of the permits is the same as previous years: $10 per cord with a two cord minimum purchase required. Firewood gatherers are reminded the 2017 firewood permits are no longer valid.
The current low snowpack means many roads are still open to wheeled vehicles. People driving forest roads should have good snow tires on their vehicles, tire chains, extra food and water, warm clothes and let others know of their plans. Roads may be hard and frozen in the morning, and soft and muddy in the afternoon making travel difficult and damaging. Forest visitors are advised not to drive on the roads if they are muddy, as ruts left by the tires will channel melting snow creating gullies in the road bed.
The most up to date information about road closures and logging traffic may be found in the Current Conditions section of the Rio Grande National Forest website at or call the Supervisor’s Office at 719-852-5941.