The 2015-2017 Strategic Marketing Plan is a comprehensive plan developed to guide the local marketing programs over the next three years, aimed at boosting brand awareness for the area, with the purpose of achieving economic development through tourism. The development of this plan is coordinated by RWEACT and funded through multiple grants.

Post-Disaster Economic Recovery Marketing Plan: A Regional Marketing Plan
Prepared for Archuleta, Hinsdale, Mineral and Rio Grande Counties
and the Silver Thread Scenic & Historic Byway

97 page comprehensive plan • Written by B4 Studio, LLC


  • Introduction
  • Process of the Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Background Information
  • Marketing & Branding in an Unfolding Knowledge Economy
  • Defining Our Target Markets
    • Weekenders
    • Baby Boomers
    • Heritage Tourist
    • Touring Traveler
    • Family Vacationers
    • Outdoor Enthusiasts
    • Skiers/Snowboarders
    • Repeat and Generational Visitors
    • Emerging Market Segment: Latinos
    • Emerging Market Segment: Nat’l Park Enthusiasts
    • Emerging Market Segment: Organized Tour Groups
    • Emerging Market Segment: Engaged Online Users
  • Defining Key Recommendations
    • Brand Recognition
    • Improved Content
    • Event Creation & Marketing
    • Track our Visitors
    • Develop Regional Maps
    • Co-op Marketing
    • Wayfinding
    • Promote Heritage Tourism
    • Appeal to Target Audiences
    • Market our Shoulder Seasons
  • Archuleta County: Overall Assessment
  • Hinsdale County: Overall Assessment
  • Mineral County: Overall Assessment
  • Rio Grande County: Overall Assessment
  • Silver Thread Scenic & Historic Byway: Overall Assessment
  • Budget & Budget Narrative
  • Resources and Works Cited
  • Resources: Community Generated Ideas

Please contact us for a copy of this final plan.