Construction Project for a Boreal Toad Ponds within Rio Grande National Forest

Boreal Toads are amphibians that live in marshes, wet meadows, and riparian areas between 8,500 and 11,800 feet. Once widespread throughout Colorado, the species has declined and is classified as an endangered species by CPW, listed as a sensitive species by the RGNF, and may likely be listed as federally threatened in the next 3-5 years. In an effort to be proactive, partnering agencies have worked to protect and rebuild populations. CPW, USFWS, USFS, CRGRF, and RWEACT have partnered to develop a project through which shallow wetlands will be created near Fern Creek, and boreal toads will be reintroduced.



Reintroduction of Boreal Toads in Fern Creek area